“All that separates polyamory from monogamy
is time. And time is an illusion. Whether a
moment or a year separates my contact,
my goal is to spiritually connect to all.”
– Mystic Life

An Unconditional Love is based on the idea that many people are ready for the experience of giving and receiving love without conditions. To be loved without conditions we must risk being seen for who we really are, and give an honest portrayal of our sexuality.

There are different definitions of polyamory. Some focus upon sexual behavior while some focus upon emotions. Nevertheless, the desire to give and receive love without conditions transcends language.

For many, loving more than one person feels congruent and natural. The process of socialization has made this approach to intimacy seem like it is not an option. An Unconditional Love supports the idea that true love is unconditional, and knows no fear or ownership.

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