In a world that strongly privileges monogamy, choosing to live as openly polyamorous requires the courage to face constant curiosity and criticism from friends, family, and strangers alike. As we conduct our lives, we know we are not living openly unless we have taken the harrowing step of coming out. This site collects stories of people who have taken that step. These are stories of people who have found amazing support where they least expected it, and of people who have been told never again to enter the house of a loved one; of people who have found new community and of people who were told to find new friends.


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About the authors:

Andrea –

Andrea pretty much writes, reads and talks about sex all the time unless she’s eating, sleeping or having it. Formerly of Montreal and now based in Toronto, she has a long history of organizing within the queer, poly and leather/BDSM communities, as well as being an active trans and anti-racist ally. She co-organizes the Canadian leatherdyke and trans conference An Unholy Harvest, and she frequently lectures for universities, sex shops, community groups and conferences in Canada, the US and internationally. She has an academic background in women’s studies and sexuality studies, is currently pursuing graduate work in leatherdyke history in the School of Women’s Studies at York University.

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Angi Becker Stevens –

Angi Becker Stevens obtained degrees in creative writing and philosophy from Eastern Michigan University, where she received the 2009 Jumpmettle Award for Fiction. Her short stories have been published in various print and online journals, including The Collagist, PANK, SmokeLong Quarterly and Monkeybicycle. Her work has also been included in the Best of the Web 2010 anthology, and the 30 Under 30 anthology forthcoming from Starcherone press.
Angi is currently exploring writing-as-activism, with a focus on essays about poly issues. When she isn’t writing, she’s probably playing with her seven year-old daughter or selling robot supplies at 826michigan. She lives with her family in Michigan.

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After quite a few experiences in her life showed her that attempting to be in a polyamorous relationship without a social support network led to unpleasantness, she reached out to the larger polyamory community and is now attempting to give back as often as she has time to around graduate school and life. While living in DC, she revived a group for poly people 35 and under, cpn-tng.org. This group helped show her that she was not the only one with a great need for coming out resources. Thus, the idea for this website was born.
She currently has two partners, both of whom she has lived with when it has been geographically convenient, and the best metamour anyone could ever ask for. Also, she likes walking barefoot, which gets her far more unwanted attention from strangers than being poly hopefully ever will.

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Celeste Galloway –

She explores her anthropological interest in variety of topics, from her experiences as a stripper to polyamory’s media attention.

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Joreth –

Joreth is a polyamorous atheist activist, a stagehand, and a geek. She currently is a co-host for Polyamory Weekly and spearheads the Polyamory Media Association.

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Martin –

Martin has been involved in sex education and sexuality communities since high school, when he helped establish a date rape awareness theater group. While at Brown University, he wrote a sex advice column and was a founding member of the Male Sexuality Workshop (MSex). Martin worked at Planned Parenthood Boston and volunteered for Men Against Sexism; he is now in his first year of law school.

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About the editors:

Steph –

Steph is a writer, editor and ally trying to help important words make an impact. A cultural studies and literary scholar by training, she’s always looking to expose subtexts, reveal inequalities, and tell a good story. She writes and edits “From the Cracked Mirror,” a blog that focuses on gender and narrative media. Currently, she’s enjoying living in beautiful Portland, OR, working towards a master’s in publishing, and freelancing when she can find the work.

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Matt –

Matt is one of Bitsy’s partners and has been conscripted as chief copy-editor, which, despite his repeated protestations, doesn’t really bother him. He would like to assure you very strongly that he was not asked to proof any page that has typos. Really. He hopes.

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