Create Your Own Audio Tarot

By utilizing the concept of synchronicity you can create your own audio tarot cd!


1. Create your own tarot deck. You can use note cards or simply write out a variety of concepts such as love and fear that reflect the words you use to describe life. A tarot deck does not need be any given number of cards. It can be 20, 50, or over 100 cards if you so desire.

2. Record your voice digitally, reading tarot cards in a .wav or other audio format. Read one card for each track.

3. Locate a cd-burner (either your own or a friends).

4. Burn a cd that has a separate track for each “card.” For example, card one can be “Love” and card two can be “Fear.” You can include a description in addition to the “title” of the card. For example, “Love is the core of who we are.”

5. After the cd is created, put it in a cd player that has a “random” or “shuffle” feature, then press play to listen to random tracks. Let it run for as long as you like. For example, if you want a “3 card reading” play three tracks on random.


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