How To Read Tarot Cards For Yourself

. Use a deck that best fits with your own perceptions and philosophies. Over time, I decided to make my own deck because no deck I could find perfectly reflected my own values. My deck, Life Tarot, is available in audio form as Mystic Life Audio Tarot.

2. Define your question or the issue which you would like to clarify. It is best to take the time to reflect upon what is the “real issue.” Sometimes by simply reflecting upon what the issue really is, you gain greater clarity before the reading begins.

3. Decide what type of “spread” you would like to use. There are hundreds of spreads available, and you are free to design or customize a spread that works for you.

A “one card” reading is a “spread” that uses only one card. This approach is very popular, and a simple way of gaining more clarity.

A typical “three card” spread I like to use looks like this:

  1. 1st card = The Issue
  2. 2nd card = Your Attitude
  3. 3rd card = The Lesson

As a reader, your role is to see how the card relates to both the “position” in which it falls, as well as to the question at hand.

4. Reflect upon how the reading relates to your issue. For example, if the card that comes up relates to “Deception,” ask yourself if you are deceiving yourself on some issue. It is important to tune in to your body, listening to your intuition and your inner voice. It is
easy for your ego to interfere with your clarity, so try your best to be as honest possible.

The point of doing a reading is to better understand your life and where it is headed. This means that sometimes you will have to recognize that you have not been honest with yourself. This can create feelings of disillusionment. However, disillusionment means
that you are losing your illusions, and thus gaining a more accurate perception of reality.

Over time, you will find it easier to see how the cards that come up in the reading are related to the issue at hand.
Synchronicity is the guiding principle behind why tarot cards work. I don’t believe it has anything to do with “putting your energy into the cards” or anything like that.
If it helps you to lower lights, light a candle, or put on soft music, then you may want to thus alter your environment.
However, synchronicity will work regardless of these variables.
For more information on synchronicity, visit Synchronicity Times.


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