How To Integrate Yin And Yang In A Poly Relationship

I am certain after the experiences I have had that there is a purpose to our life lessons. My life lessons have revolved around learning about the importance of one’s internal integration of yin and yang energy, the metaphor which represents the dichotomies that exist in all, the positive and the negative.


Much of the world believes that there is such a thing as “negative” in terms of there being an absolute rightness or wrongness of an act, or a word, or a behavior. However, when we understand our own freedom on a deep level, we feel completely free, no longer doubting ourselves or wondering if others know us better than we know ourselves.

Loving relationships seem in part to be about a process of becoming conscious of the games we play. When we become conscious of our games, we don’t need to have dysfunctional relationships anymore. However, it seems as though most people die without ever knowing unconditional love. And I do mean die. The lack of unconditional love from ourselves and others harms the body and soul. To feel as though the love is based upon rigid conditions feels self-destructive.

Relationships have been largely based upon the idea that you need the approval of another who is dichotomous in some manner in relationship to who you are.

In other words, having not internally come to an agreement between our own dichotomous viewpoints, we become conscious of our differences through mate selection, and hope for their approval instead of our own integration. If we have understood both of our internal extremes and are ready to come to our true median, then we no longer need to project these dichotomies onto the external world.

This full self-knowledge is an experience which few human beings ever have. At this moment, if achieved, people are capable of having positive relationships with each other that are not revolving around lessons in consciousness (or the fear or manipulation that is associated with such lessons). Furthermore, at this point we are able to share ourselves intimately in a spiritual form. Most sexual relationships are connected to the fear of scarcity which is centered around abandonment (which is connected to unresolved parental issues).

When we feel comfortable with who we are and no longer feel the urge to say, “Don’t drink that or smoke that or touch her or him.” We simply feel the love which is present, and enjoy the moment. There is no need for agreements, titles, roles, or expectations. Everything just is. And it’s okay to love whoever you want to love. And when it’s okay to love more than one person (since our nature is to love all people) it becomes okay to truly love ourselves and accept love without guilt or fear.

Why not strive to become someone who knows unconditional love within, between, and without? There is no greater goal to achieve than love without any semblance of limitation.


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